“I’ve read self-help books attended talks etc. but I can totally
recommend this workshop as the best by far. 
- Kate Singh


“This has been the best workshop 

I have attended since embarking on my spiritual path 16 years ago.

- Faith Kangethe  


“Skeptical at first because I have been to 

other training programmes.  I have never felt this genuineness

from the trainers.” 

- Minal Patel


Success Stories:


I was only making maybe £100-200 per month.


The Monday after leaving your course I had many insights from listening to my whisper/ my visions/ symbols and intuition. That Monday I decided not to return to my full time job and instead acted on my inner guidance. From listening to my intuition I have turned over nearly £8,000 in my business in just 4 weeks and sold hundred of crystals. This month I am looking to turn over 10-15k and am having to quickly staff up! This is nothing short of a miracle!! I literally can’t believe it!! So I really want to thank you for what you have taught me as it’s not only affecting my life but also the lives of my customers. 

- Violet Stupple


I was suffering from severe depression after being let go from my job. When I attended your SuperGenius workshops, I was nearing a year of unemployment.


My goal was to find a sales job where I enjoyed working and to be on a salary of a minimum of £100k/ year, within 1-2 years. At the time I was receiving universal benefits of around £350 per month. As soon as I started using Ryan’s techniques from the SuperGenius workshops I started a sales job 6 weeks later and in my first full pay check I grossed £3k. I have now been in this role for a year and a half. Two months ago I grossed my first £10k. This month’s pay check I will be grossing over £11k so I am well on my way to smashing my goal. Also I achieved another goal in December which was to be a property owner.

- Nyasha Trafford


After selling my business for 8 figures I attended you SuperGenius workshops.  I realised a new passion to mentor young entrepreneurs. 


For myself, I have developed my skills and secured investment in two property projects where I did not have to finance myself. I have negotiated a future position (Sept this year), as an advisory role in my old company I sold in 2014. This boosts my expected return from a second enterprise event and reduces my tax liability on final exit. All this has come from a greater awareness of myself and insights into the character traits of people I deal with.

- Mark Hammond


My main problem was that I was blaming other people and the world when something went wrong or didn’t go my way.  I saw other friends and family doing really well and not understanding why it wasn’t me, making the same types of mistakes and couldn’t figure out how to solve them.  The biggest one though was that I have a lovely wife, two beautiful children, two holidays a year, nice car, big house, a business owner, surrounded by lovely friends and family but feeling very empty and depressed.


After attending the SuperGenius Mastery workshops I was able to sell my financial advisory business of 15 years which was holding me back.  


I used what I learnt from your workshop and I am now pleased to say that I am working on a number of 8 figures property investment deals.

- Tony Iannou

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