The fastest way to succeed with your passion is patience

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Too many people are putting pressure on themselves to make a success of their passion. The fastest way to be successful with your passion is patience.

What I wanted to share with you quickly is the number one reason why people don’t get what they want. We actually have an ego in our unconscious mind, and it’s called unconscious because we’re actually not aware of it and it’s not something we’re always thinking about it. This unconscious mind was created when we were really young, in relationship to our environment and what we’ve experienced, and it was saving these experiences we were having. When we are young, particularly when we are just born to the age of around 4, our primary focus is to survive and figure out how the world is and why am I here and what is it all about and who are the people around me. And so, those experiences then formulate an ego in our unconscious mind and that ego is telling us how the world is.

So to give you an example, I grew up in a violent, abusive alcoholic background in South Africa, and it was an extremely unsafe environment. And so, fundamentally I am a fear-based person, if I just relied on my ego to go about my day I would be very fearful. I would never get into business for example, that seems too risky. I would never get into a relationship because it’s too scary. I would never travel because you never know what you might contract, you know with terrorism and all that kind of stuff. It’s very fear-based and to be honest quite chronic. I had an extremely fearful upbringing, but it doesn’t mean that if you’ve had a bad upbringing you’re more or less disadvantaged or advantaged compared to some who didn’t have an upbringing that was bad but perhaps was good. We all have an ego and we all have a way that we think the world is. And whilst that’s useful when we’re growing up, the problem is when you’re an adult, that mode of world is extremely limiting, particularly when you want to bring your genius and your Supergenius, your true power, your creativity and your abundance, intimacy, vibrancy, health, adventure – all these things that we all really long for don’t fit into the confides of our ego which is designed around our desire to survive and figure out the world.

And so the number one reason that people don’t create what they want is that we have this unconscious ego. I’ve been doing personal development for about 15 years and I never learnt anything that really tackled that. I went to seminars and I learnt things about affirmations, vision boards, goal setting and all sorts of tools to get me to where I want, but you can’t get to where you want if you’ve got this massive lead concrete block tied to your ankles which you don’t know exists because you are unconscious to it. A real key component to mastering your life is accessing your unconscious mind to uncover what that’s all about. Now the biggest mistake that people can make is that they can think that you can change your ego. Your ego is a fixed structure, it’s not something you can change, it’s just there and in fact it’s not a bad thing at all.

I run trainings where I show people how to actually transmute the tension that your ego creates on a daily basis into a really powerful creative force that will catapult you into your creativity, your imagination, great ideas and inspiration. People who live a Supergenius way don’t need affirmations, vision boards or external stimuli to get them creating. They don’t need to manipulated by something like a life coach to create because they’ve understood that the ego is actually a very important part of the creative process. So the biggest thing that stops people creating what they want no matter how much personal development (or caffeine they’ve had in the morning!) is their unconscious ego and without understanding more about that you’re literally going to go nowhere. In fact, you might actually experience short term success in some areas of your life whether it’s finances, relationship, health, but then your “lead concrete block” is always going to bring you down. This is why people experience the up and down rollercoaster effect of loosing weight then picking up weight, getting money then loosing money, being single then in a relationship and back to single again. The “lead concrete block” is attached to that person and they don’t know that it’s there.

A large part of what we’re about here at Supergenius is empowering people to uncover what is that “lead block” that’s holding you back. If you are serious about mastering your life it’s a discipline you have to learn and a discipline you will continue to practice for the rest of your life because the more you uncover about your unconscious mind and how your ego is trying to keep you small like a baby, then the more you’ll be free to actually realise your full potential. So make sure you figure out what’s going on in your ego and your unconscious mind because it’s a vital step, in fact the first step to unleashing your Supergenius. So if you would like to find out more, do subscribe and check out our social media channels.

Here’s to creating a Supergenius life!


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