3 Tools to Unleash your Genius in 2019 using Awareness, Purpose and Creativity

A question I’ve been asked is what is SuperGenius? It’s a very good question! You may have heard of the phrase “Genius” and we do use that a lot in our society and in fact it’s misunderstood. Let’s talk about that first. A genius is someone who has the ability to create what they want and actually it’s a natural ability. In our times, we actually celebrate people who are geniuses purely based on their intellectual capacity, whereas we do actually have musical geniuses, entrepreneurial geniuses and humanitarian geniuses for example. There are all sorts of different geniuses in our society. So SuperGenius is someone who has actually mastered all areas of their life. We see it so many times in our society where someone is a genius in one area of their life yet other areas of their life is a complete mess (there relationship, their health, their spirituality etc). They could be super successful but they are miserable so they’ve only really mastered one area of their life. A SuperGenius has gone to an ultimate level of mastery in their life. Now there is even a lower level, there’s really 3 levels – SuperGenius is the top level, Genius which is the middle level and then you have someone who is just imitating, copying and modelling other people. In fact there is a whole movement that suggests that if you want to be successful in life, you have to copy other people. Well that doesn’t really make any sense if you think about it because if you’re going to copy someone else’s success then surely you’re going to be another version of the same person. Say you’re passion is in music, now why would you want to be a covers band when you can produce your own songs, your own album, your own sound and your own following? It’s those people who go out and create their genius and bring out unique offerings, products and services. They are the ones that really create great wealth and abundance and realise their full potential in that area of their life. Whereas those who are perhaps passionate about music might be a bit afraid to go out and put their own unique sound in to the world and maybe perhaps don’t even know how to do that. So that’s what SuperGenius is all about – empowering people to become SuperGenius so that you can have that great relationship, you can be financially abundant and you’ve money is such a fashion that you’ve actually been of service to humanity – you’ve not become wealthy because you’ve rinsed someone else, manipulated them or cheated someone in a selfish fashion. A SuperGenius also has a really sound spiritual life as well so they are fulfilled in what they are doing. If you want to learn more about becoming a SuperGenius, make sure you subscribe to our channel. We’d love to stay connected with you so let’s go on the journey together where we can empower you to unleash your SuperGenius and have fun along the way because that’s also really important!

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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