Are You Here to Serve?

Serving others is a concept I touch upon a lot in my work but I thought now would be a great opportunity to go into a little more detail to explain just why it’s so important. Not only to the people we serve, but also to ourselves. 

It’s very easy to get caught up in the rat race of life, too consumed by day-to-day tasks and routines to ever fit something else onto an already overflowing plate. But if you begin to shift your focus and transform the unconscious into the conscious, then serving others with your true gifts and talents will become effortless. Because when you're aligned with your Genius, being of service to the world will always be what's obvious to your spirit.

When you begin to let your Genius lead the way, the wonders of being in alignment will really come into play. Synchronicities will begin to occur and as momentum begins to build, opportunities will flow into your life like never before. By adjusting your mindset from self to service you are becoming aware of the true you and letting your purpose provide the answers. 

So why not make a start today? Take some time to tap into your Genius and ask your subconscious mind what’s obvious. It could be supporting that philanthropic cause you’ve always wanted to help but never had time, or something as simple as recommending the SuperGenius way of life to a friend, either way I guarantee you will see the benefits, however small the action.

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