Do You Get What You Want?

I want to let you in on the secret of how to get what you want. And believe it or not, the solution is incredibly simple and can be summed up in three words: Ask for it.  

Of course, that sounds all too easy but I assure you it really is that cut and dry once our own thoughts and feelings are taken out of the equation. So let me explain…

We’ve come to believe that in order to get what we want we must negotiate, barter or manipulate the situation in some way to justify our request. Or alternatively, we worry about how we will be perceived, whether we are deserving or worst of all that we may be rejected.

A great way to overcome this fear and really get comfortable with asking for what you want in life is to ask for something for free. Start small by asking for a complimentary coffee here and there or some free olives with your glass of wine and watch how your mindset shifts from one of lack to one of confidence and power. 

So next time you find yourself wanting something in life don’t overcomplicate the situation, simply be direct and ask. Of course this doesn’t mean that the answer will always be yes but like anything in life, the more you put yourself out of your comfort zone the more effortless it will become. 

The world is out there for the taking, you just have to ask.

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