Don't Put Pressure on Your Passion

I’ve found that one of the main reasons people fail to create what they want in life is that they put too much pressure on their passion. Meaning that at the first sign of trouble people often quit, before they’ve really had the chance to get started. 

So let’s break this down. We live in a world of instant gratification where we’ve become accustomed to everything being at our fingertips. This creates a form of unconscious impatience whereby most people will choose the easier option of moving onto something else as opposed to working harder to create what they initially set out to achieve. 

But in reality, creating what you love will take time. And it’s inevitable that there will be failures to overcome and lessons to learn. If I told you that you could create a life you love in 5 years, that should be looked upon as an awesome and inspiring prospect, not an unrealistic mountain to climb.

My point is that you must learn to enjoy the process of creation. If you fail, great! It means you’re in the game and learning in order to grow. Become accustomed to the negative feelings of overwhelm, disappointment and impatience and channel those emotions into positive actions that will take you closer to achieving your vision.

Top Tips 

  • Be in the end result of what you want to create daily. Visualise what you want to achieve and hold your focus.  

  • Have fun with it! Enjoy the process of learning and growing and remember to always be kind to yourself.

  • Prepare to work hard and more importantly be prepared to fail. It’s all part of the ride, just remember to fail small. 

Everyone on this earth has the potential to become a powerful creator. The question is whether you're prepared to stay in the game. 

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