Embrace Your Mistakes

From a very young age, we were taught that making mistakes is a bad thing. And the more this notion is reinforced we become increasingly hesitant and fearful to the point where taking a risk is completely out of the question. 

Reconfiguring such a mindset is no mean feat, but becoming comfortable with the idea that making mistakes is OK is an essential component to success. 

Discovering what works in any area of your life should always be looked upon as a process of trial and error. Therefore if you are not accepting of this you will be left at a standstill. Evolution equates to continual education and growth and we learn from our mistakes. 

Understand that the fear attached to taking a risk is simply a defence mechanism of your unconscious ego to keep you safe. Familiarity is your ego’s best friend and so ignoring that great idea will always be the most comfortable option. But the more you can begin to change your relationship to failure the faster you will begin to create what you really want.

 Actions to Take

  • Become aware of your fear of failure and channel that tension and resistance into creativity.

  • Start by taking small risks. Become comfortable being uncomfortable!

  • Treat each mistake as a powerful lesson. What did you learn? How can you do better next time?

  • Don’t be afraid to be unique. What is it that you do better than anyone else?

Become comfortable being in the unknown because that’s where the Genius lies. 

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