Don’t settle for Good, strive for Greatness

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness in their life. When you achieve greatness money, wealth, love and fulfillment flow towards you. Watch this video and see what I mean with this amazing live example of what I am talking about.

The question I often get asked about relationships is really around bad advice that people have been getting about relationships and we’ve all heard this before, that if you want to have a great relationship you have to compromise. Do you really want to compromise in your relationships? Do you want to compromise in anything in your life? Often the answer is no. That’s a big mistake that’s actually being taught and written in many books that if you want to be successful and have a great loving intimate relationship that’s fulfilling, you need to compromise and that’s rubbish. Nobody really wants to compromise at all!

So what’s the secret then to creating a SuperGenius relationship. Well it’s simple! Let’s take a romantic relationship – you’ve got two people who have desires to create what they want in their life, around vocation, in their relationship, health and maybe they don’t have too much in common in all areas which is completely normal, people are different. So what is normally taught is that if you want to be happy in that relationship you have to compromise and so, the boyfriend has to go shopping with the girlfriend because he has to compromise, therefore not watch his football game as an example. But what I’ve found and what’s actually really true when you live from a Supergenius way of life is that you can actually both get what you want in that relationship, in fact this also relates to business relationships, professional relationships of whatever sort, is that you can actually have a relationship even with more people, particularly in a business environment, where both parties can create what they want. Ideally you want each party to support the other person to create what they want.

For example my partner Dani is a fantastic dancer and she’s passionate about dancing and I’m passionate about business, and inspiring and empowering people to live their SuperGenius way of life. So there have been many times where Dani has perhaps gone off to Dubai or Thailand or wherever she needs to go for her modelling, and I’ve been in London where our headquarters are. Our schedules have clashed and there have been many times where we’ve been tempted to compromise. And perhaps in the past, before I became SuperGenius in my awareness around relationships, I perhaps would have gone to Thailand for 4 weeks and compromised my business because I felt the need to be with her all the time and maybe perhaps be co-dependant or whatever the situation is. Conversely, Dani is very successful in her passion and dancing because she’s learnt not to compromise, because perhaps in the past, let’s say I was doing an event or another area of the business that needed some support, she may never have taken those jobs that she was given the opportunity to take because she would have felt obliged to help me out.

The thing is, we’ve all got our own unique personal unconscious dynamics that we’re actually unaware of that we’re always playing up. And so what we do and I do with all my business partners, is we get very clear on what end results we want as individuals. Where there’s synergy we will collaborate and work together and where there is differences then each person is supported powerfully to go out and fulfil whatever end result that is (whether it’s a business or watching a football game or going to Thailand etc). And so, a powerful relationship, not a compromised one, is where both or all parties are going for the end results that they would love and every other party is supporting each other in creating that end result. Sometimes that does mean that relationships actually complete and end because there is no more synergy in the relationship (personal or business) and that’s a natural completion of that relationship and it’s done in an honourable, respectful fashion. That is a SuperGenius relationship very briefly explained. If you would like to know more about relationships then stay in touch and do subscribe to our channel. I look forward to continuing the journey with you to a superconscious and SuperGenius way of life.

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