The 3 Phases of Creating Results

I thought I’d cover the three phases of creating results because I’ve found that the journey itself, and all that it entails, often gets overlooked when people discuss success. 

So let’s jump straight in… 

1. Conception

This phase is the exciting part. You’ve just come up with a world class idea that’s going to create you a lifetime of wealth and happiness. You’re inspired and basking in your own greatness. But in reality this very short phase of the process brings with it a very real false sense of achievement because you’ve actually not accomplished anything at this stage. Look out for the signs and be aware. 

2. Implementation

This is the phase that is most misunderstood but yet takes up 98% of the process. Key indicators of the implementation phase are resistance, struggle, frustration and hard work. This phase is where mistakes get made, you fail (possibly multiple times over), and more often than not get a very strong urge to give up. But rest assured this is normal. 

Remember, you wouldn’t plant a seed and then walk out into your garden the next day and expect to see a tree. Results take time. You must practice being patient, passionately focus on your end result and most of all enjoy the process! Learn to acclimatise to this new level of consciousness incrementally to comfortably adjust. 

3. Review

This is the final phase of creating results in which you review and improve. This phase is especially important if you do not achieve the end result you were striving for because reflection on your mistakes will ensure that you don’t make the same ones twice. This mindset cleanse will allow you to refocus and go again.

By cycling through this process every time you go for an end result you will create momentum in your life as you learn from your mistakes and keep striving for what you would love. 

Top Tip: to really ensure that the process is an enjoyable one, adopt structures such as mentors and masterminds to hold you accountable and help you along the way. 

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