The Key to Synchronicity

Do you feel like you are truly connected to your higher self? 

One of the best indicators that you are living from your Genius is the degree to which you are experiencing synchronicity within your life. Whether it be a great idea, a chance meeting, or an effortless opportunity that helps you fulfil your purpose; synchronicity is life’s indicator that you're aligned with your guiding spirit. 

So if you’re having to struggle, force or work hard to create your end results then that more than likely means that you're acting from you unconscious ego. The art of creation should be an effortless process and I assure you that by shifting the barometer in favour of your Genius your intuition will navigate you towards what you want with ease. 

To help you on the road to synchronistic living visualise your end results everyday and spend five to ten minutes writing down what's obvious from your subconscious mind, then when something arises take action. In fact anytime you find yourself with time to spare, allow your imagination to take you into that space as the more time you spend there, the more you're affirming this vision to your Genius. 

I appreciate that living superconsciously takes a lot of courage and faith but I implore you to create consistent time within your life for your Genius to be heard. Like a muscle the more you strengthen it, the more effortless the actions will become and before you know it those synchronistic moments will be happening weekly, not annually.

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