Our Miracle Stories

Thousands of our members have experienced life changing transformation using our SuperGenius methods and tools. Here are some of those that have shared their incredible stories with us...

  • Never Stop Believing

    "I've been on Super Genius for 3 months. I never realised how much our Ego holds us back in life, stopping us from achieving our goals and dreams. It's changed my life in so many ways. I attended the face-to-face workshop last week, it was incredible meeting and being in a room with so many like-minded people. The energy was amazing. Since then even more subtle changes are happening. I now feel more positive and confident going forward knowing I can and will achieve my goals and dreams. Thank you, Ryan and the team are always there for support if or when needed." ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

    - Buddy Charlie


  • Best Experience In Years

    "SuperGenius is so comprehensive that anyone can find their gold nuggets,and it is possible to combine them to get diamonds.
    If you are battling depression, addiction, can't seem to make goals in life or simply just want to upgrade your business to the next level, well, this is for you!"

    - Robert Benedek


  • There really isn't anything else like it.

    I have done a lot of different personal development courses, life coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy etc, to help with anxiety and supergenius is the best I have done.
    You have to just go with it and trust your intuition and the universe, I was very sceptical but I have had, and been given so many insights. The 1 to 1 coaching session each month are amazing to help create your vision statements and life purpose. Besides the weekly zoom meetings, there are lots of meditations and recordings to watch. There really isn't anything else like it.

    - Melanie Miller


โ€œI achieved my 5 year goals in less than 4 months including making ยฃ100,000 using SuperGeniusโ€ - Ben Knight โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

  • Christiana Demetriou

    โ€œEven though I'd been in personal development for a few years already, the way that Ryan explained things blew my mind - I got to a whole new level of self-awareness. The 3-step intuition access process really works!.โ€


  • Carole Favre

    โ€œI approach my life and my relationships very differently now. And also my work. My genius has been unleashed and I now launching a business that seems so obvious but that I could not see because I was blind to myself, to my own talents.โ€


  • Jon Snow

    โ€œI've attended all of the workshops and they have all been so inspiring and life changing. I am on certification where you can continue your journey to find or develop your purpose which constantly changes so its great to have the support and observe others along thier journey.โ€


  • Nikola Howard

    โ€˜I'm a deeply rational person, and so at the time I think I thought that maybe doing something to help me be a bit more intuitive and spontaneous would be a good thing. I discovered that the rabbit hole goes way deeper than I ever thought was possible.โ€


  • Scott Picken

    "I have worked with Ryan since 2005 and he is one of the most exceptional individuals I have met. The results he and his team has achieved in my business have been un-paralleled and his personal coaching helped me as an individual go to the next level.

    We went from a traditional business to an online, digital business and it completely changed our revenue streams which was our catalyst for global growth. Most importantly he showed me how to get paid for doing what I love!"


  • Kaylo

    "I came across SuperGenius last year and since joining and following the techniques I feel much more present and aware of my surroundings. Ryan is so personal and his techniques are simple yet effective. I have now established why I behave in certain ways due to incidences in my past. I have seen magic happen in relation to making decisions and surrendering into the flow to help me make decisions. I totally recommend SuperGenius as it has changed my life and even my husband has noticed a difference in me, in relation to being much more calmer, present and understanding. SuperGenius is a way of life and we all have it in us."


How Sarah went from generating ยฃ1M to over ยฃ10M within 12 months after investing in property using SuperGenius

  • Life Changing Experience

    I have signed up a few weeks ago, looking for something bigger than myself and oh boy, I have found it!!!
    I look forward to every session and every session leave me empowered in the knowing that I am good enough, I am capable, I am powerful. Ryan and the team, you rock.
    I am training to think bigger and it seems now possible with such a great team of visionaries behind me.
    Keep doing what you doing, Ryan and the SuperGenius, the people needs you.

    - Jana Rowe


  • A great introduction into the world of intuitive thinking

    I first met Ryan at the beginning of my journey into personal development. When I did the course in August last year, I was much further into my journey. Honestly, I wish Iโ€™d found the course sooner! Ryan introduces intuitive thinking in a very logical way. It made sense to my logical brain, and on discovering the community had many logical thinkers in it, I instantly knew it was where I needed to be. The course is also one of the most usable courses Iโ€™ve been on. Where you get more than enough information from the three days that I did, to be able to use three-step process in day-to-day life.

    - David Thorne


  • Amazing Experience

    I met Ryan at the event and straight away connected with his Genius before I even started the workshop. He's passionate about this and spreading love and good aura. I signed up for a workshop a few weeks ago, attended over 10 sessions and all I can say is that I'm absolutely amazed. I'm slowly discovering more and more Genius power, connecting with my subconscious mind and receiving helpful messages for myself and others I'm serving. It happened that people are relating to my messages 100% which is unbelievable but feels great. I'd recommend it to anyone who's open minded and ready to start discovering the unconscious mind superpowers!
    Also, all the team and others are just great, and I'm happy to be part of it!

    - Maars B


  • SuperGenius workshops and the team are totally outstanding

    SuperGenius workshops and the team are amazing. I attended a free 2 day workshop and was so impressed with what I discovered that I signed up to attend the SuperGenius Mastery. I have been on the course for 6 weeks and am already experiencing a huge positive shift in every aspect of my life. The team are all genuine and on hand to provide assistance if needed. The sincerity of Ryan Pinnick and his comedic delivery is totally outstanding and refreshing. I am learning so much and it is bringing so much joy not only to my life but to that of my family and friends.
    - Lorraine Kenyon


  • Join SuperGenius and Change Your Life

    Join SuperGenius and change your life!
    SuperGenius and the awesome team under the inspiring leadership of Ryan Pinnock are incredible. The last year since I 1st my Ryan presenting at a conference have been life, changing and transformational. My business, my relationship with myself and my family and so my life have changed beyond comparison. The community, passion, care, knowledge and magic that the team impact is incredible. Such a joy and privilege to be part of the SuperGenius family. Thank you with all my heart - you are the best โค๏ธ

    - Dr Lizzy Bernthal


  • Ryan and his team are SuperGenius are AMAZING!

    Ryan and his team at SuperGenius are amazing at helping and supporting you through the journey of self discovery as you start the process towards life mastery.
    The process. helps you identifying that no matter who you are the you have an an Ego, which could be helping you to self sabotage your potential and achievements, as it runs on auto-pilot trying to protect you.
    Embrace the training as you will learn important skills and techniques to come to terms with you ego, and embrace it as a part of you. Together with learning how to intuitively access you inbuilt SuperGenius giving direction to your life, turning your vision into reality.
    If you are feeling lost or that there's more to life than you are currently experiencing give the Super Genius Mastery process a go. Play full out and push past any resistance. You won't be disappointed and you just might create an amazing new life for yourself.

    - Ian Wilson


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