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Activate Your SuperGenius Mind To Create What You Truly Want In Your Life Or Business

SuperGenius Is Perfect For You If You...

✔️ Crave the freedom to spend more time doing what you love.

✔️Desire more fulfilment in your work and want to explore new business opportunities.

✔️ Want to create wealth and abundance while pursuing your passions.

✔️ Wish to enhance your business while minimising the risk of setbacks.

Whether your dream involves starting or expanding a thriving business, transitioning from a career that no longer aligns with your aspirations, or crafting a life brimming with purpose and fulfilment, we will show you powerful yet practical tools and techniques to tap into your innate genius and create a life you love.

What Is Your SuperGenius?

We essentially have two minds.  Our Unconscious Ego and our Superconscious Genius.

Our Unconscious Ego will sabotage us and compromise our results

Our Unconscious Ego is like a hard drive of all our past experiences specifically designed to keep us safe and in survival mode.  This was created to protect us especially when we were young.

The problem is that we are hard wired to survive.  

Whenever we aspire to achieve greater heights, evolve our consciousness, cultivate more love, amass wealth, achieve success, and radiate our light through avenues like books, speaking, and social media, our Unconscious Ego often resurfaces. It brings up memories of past experiences—moments of rejection, criticism, abandonment, failure, embarrassment, humiliation, and feelings of worthlessness. It manipulates our consciousness through our thoughts and feelings to stay safe and survive.

Without learning how to heal your Unconscious Ego you will always allow your thoughts and feelings to sabotage your actions and compromise your life.  

Our Superconscious Mind is where we find our Genius

The Superconscious Mind is where our unique Genius, creativity, intuition, and imagination exists. When we unleash our Superconscious Mind we will be able to overcome whatever is holding us back so we can create wealth, love, happiness, healing and vitality.

Superconsciousness transcends both instinct and intuition. It is an expanded state of consciousness beyond the individual ego and personal identity.

Superconsciousness connects us to the universal consciousness, higher realms, and collective wisdom. It represents a heightened awareness that encompasses intuitive insights, spiritual guidance, and profound wisdom beyond our ordinary conscious thinking. Superconsciousness is characterized by clarity, inner peace, and a deep sense of connection to all beings and the universe.

When we unleash our Superconscious Mind we can be clear on our purpose and intuitively know what actions to take in any given moment.

Our career or businesses can be successful because we will be able to be present in our decision making instead of letting our emotions get the better of us. We will come about with new ideas and strategies that can help make us a leader in our company or industry.

Our relationships can improve because we can be more present with what we want in a relationship as well as be more open to connecting with others compassionately.

Our health and vitality can improve because when we are connected to our SuperGenius Mind we will have a clear purpose in our lives and that leads to the inspiration and motivation we need to follow our purpose.

We teach you powerful superconscious meditations and visualisations that will raise your consciousness.

These powerful methods will allow you to innovate new ideas for your business/career, evolve your relationships to a new level of love, raise your vibration so that you can heal yourself, create a life that you truly love and enjoy.  

We host weekly coaching calls so that myself and the team can coach you, inspire you and empower you to unleash your Genius and Master your Life.

I look forward to welcoming you to our SuperGenius® community! 

Ryan Pinnick

CEO and Founder of SuperGenius®

  • Meditations and Visualisations

    You'll find that new meditations and visualisations are often shared during our live coaching calls which you can benefit from immediately by accessing the recordings. Starting with the subsconscious Mind Meditation, this meditation can help you delve deep into your subconscious to reprogram your negative thoughts and patterns into thoughts that will empower you instead. Renewed positive energy and vibrations will occur to help you focus on and achieve your goals.

  • Interactive Coaching Calls

    We host live interactive coaching calls when we dive into the struggles, emotions and blockages you are feeling and discuss how exactly you can overcome them in a healthy, lasting way, and stay focused on your end results. These calls are immensely valuable because you can ask your most pressing questions and have them answered on the call, and you never know what life-changing piece of knowledge you might learn that will just turn everything around for you.

  • SuperGenius Life Community

    With Life Members having access to over dozens of hours of recorded content and Entrepreneur Members having access to over 30 hours of recorded content, there are hours of training and video content available for you to take advantage of immediately. The amount of value and inspiration you will get from these calls cannot be underestimated. Watch through them all and pick up golden nuggets of information, techniques and tools that you can apply to your life straight away.

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    SuperGenius is so comprehensive that anyone can find their gold nuggets,and it is possible to combine them to get diamonds.
    If you are battling depression, addiction, can't seem to make goals in life or simply just want to upgrade your business to the next level, well, this is for you!

    - Robert Benedek


  • Depressed To Elated

    Supergenius transformed my life when I was feeling lost, alone, and without direction. I just love the educational element of how learning how us humans tick. The practical tools of switching your negativity to positivity, no matter the situation or circumstance. I used to wake up and just not want to be awake, it felt easier to cope with life when asleep. Now I can't wait to jump out of bed - life is joyful, fun, peaceful, exciting and a real adventure.

    - Suzie Rice


  • Life Changing Experience

    If you're seeking a profound shift in your perspective and a toolkit to navigate life's twists and turns, I wholeheartedly recommend the SuperGenius workshop. It's been nothing short of life-altering.

    I'm thrilled to be on this journey of life mastery and can't wait to see what the future holds. SuperGenius has truly empowered me to embrace life's challenges and opportunities with newfound confidence. My gratitude to Ryan and his team is beyond words.


    - Chantal Anescha